Gérardmer Adventure

The project was to make a ‘movie’ which lasted 45 seconds. We had to choose a cult film that had to be fantasy. Plus, we had to make the beginning with a black background and the title on it.

We had to dress like the characters in the scenes. We had to do everything all by ourselves: audio, video, and editing.

Then, we went to snowy Gérardmer to watch all the projects made by all different schools in France. The dress code was gala outfit! There were four prizes: one for primary schools, middle schools and high schools plus one which was loved by the jury. We did not win against Batman, the Dark Knight and Edward the Scissor hands parody. There were movies such as Shining, Harry Potter and Avatar, for instance. Some projects were not in French. Our projects in English and one in Italian.

Crystal, the American assistant, helped us. Actually, she took pictures of us and worked on our pronunciation and translation.

Productions made by the group of 1ère 7