Accueil au Lycée Claude Gellée du 3 au 10 octobre 2022 de nos correspondants de Roswell High School (lycée partenaire américain de l’état de Géorgie)

Partner school

         Roswell’s high school is a public school situated in Georgia, opened since 1949. With 2,221 students in 2018, Roswell High School is one of the largest schools in the Fulton Country School System. This school propose many different activities with 72 clubs, 11 academy teams and various service clubs. It is an artistic school which offers drama, music and art.

However, there also are many sport activities with athletics programs. At this school you can learn French, German, Japanese and Spanish which are various languages. 

         The symbol and mascot of the school is a hornet, “Sting the hornet” which is smiling with an R beside it. Their colours are the green, the black and the white. 

         In 1954, a new school building opened. During the Great Depression, the city of Roswell was annexed into Fulton County from Cobb Country as part of its 1932 combination with Milton Country and Cambell Country. Roswell students in grades ten and eleven were then sent to Milton High School in Alpharetta or North Fulton High School in Atlanta to finish their secondary education (which ended upon completion of grade 11). Roswell High School kind of saved the city and the number of students increased with the time thanks to the various activities they get.

Roswell High School

 (public school 2 232 élèves)